Success Stories

Making discoveries

Ludwig has a long history of pioneering cancer discoveries. Today, Ludwig scientists around the world are collaborating on new projects, and on ways to move breakthroughs toward the ultimate goal of patient benefit. These are some of the novel ways Ludwig researchers have teamed up to advance our understanding and control of cancer.

Robert Weinberg, Ludwig MIT

A better understanding of cancer stem cells opens the door
to designing more effective therapies

Irving Weissman, Ludwig Stanford

An antibody that counters cancer’s “don’t eat me” signal
is all set to be tested as a therapy

Ralph Weichselbaum, Ludwig Chicago

Radiation activates tumor-busting immune responses.
Can they be amped up to create a new therapy?

Jonathan Skipper, Ludwig Cancer Research

Ludwig translates it most promising basic research discoveries
into products for the clinic

Alexander Rudensky, Ludwig MSKCC

How gut bacteria work with the immune system to suppress
the sort of inflammation linked to colon cancer

Jedd Wolchok and Alexander Rudensky, Ludwig MSKCC

Switching on tumor-targeting T cells and turning off
their suppressive siblings to kill cancers

Geoffrey Greene, Ludwig Chicago

Ludwig researchers find a key to fighting drug resistance
in tumors

George Demetri and Joan Brugge, Ludwig Harbard

A rational approach to drug design and development
yields life-saving results

Ludwig San Diego

Learning how a deadly tumor evades a targeted therapy
suggests how it might be defeated

Combining immune agents with radiation or chemotherapy
can power up the immune response to cancer