Success Stories

Making discoveries

Ludwig has a long history of pioneering cancer discoveries. Today, Ludwig scientists around the world are collaborating on new projects, and on ways to move breakthroughs toward the ultimate goal of patient benefit. These are some of the novel ways Ludwig researchers have teamed up to advance our understanding and control of cancer.

An analysis of genome expression in melanoma tumors exposes precise signatures that predict response to a groundbreaking immunotherapy

How an old hunch spawned a Ludwig spin-off dedicated to undoing the defenses that shield tumors from the immune system

New tools to probe how drugs perturb the interconnected biochemical and genetic networks within cells hold great promise for cancer drug design

A powerful new gene editing technology sets the stage for the massive acceleration of basic and applied cancer research

Studies of how tumor cells prepare to migrate suggest new ways to thwart the spread of cancer

A new class of drugs used to treat autoimmune diseases and a blood cancer may also stymie colon cancer

Ludwig Brussels researchers are on a quest to expose how a family of signaling molecules influences cancer and its resistance to therapy

New possibilities for killing cancer cells emerge from studies of how chromosomes are parceled out during cell division

Exploration of a family of proteins exposes a malfunction that drives metastasis and illuminates a new pathway to the cell's nucleus

Colin Goding, Ludwig Oxford

An experimental strategy pushes drug-resistant stem cells
into a susceptible state—and kills them